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This article appears in the January, 2018 issue of More of Our Canada – a magazine published by Reader’s Digest.

The reaction of several Tancook residents has been one of disappointment and even shock. While it is good to have our island recognized as “a balm for the soul” several statements in the article are far less flattering.

One mystery to solve…Who is Claire with 7 jobs?

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April 2018 – Follow-up

An Apology from the Editor of “More of Our Canada”

After reading an article about Tancook in the January 2018 issue of the magazine “More of Our Canada”, several island residents wrote to the Editor to set the record straight about misinformation in the article.

The following apology appeared in this month’s issue.

Big Tancook Island Receives Community Spirit Award

Rosa Cross receives the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award on behalf of the community of Big Tancook Island, from Lt.-Gov. Arthur LeBlanc, at a ceremony on the island on Sept. 6. (Contributed)

Big Tancook Island receives Community Spirit Award

DENISE SURETTE Chronicle Herald
 September 12, 2017 – 10:38am
 September 12, 2017 – 10:40am

A tiny community received a big award last week.

Big Tancook Island is this year’s recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award, which celebrates volunteerism and community engagement in Nova Scotia.

The little village of just 200 permanent residents is an active group, working together, formally and informally, on a number of different issues. Rosa Cross, a permanent resident who is active in the community, says island residents share a mutual interest and love of the island and its long history, resulting in a team effort that supports the community.

“Within our small community, many of our volunteers help on more than one association, so it is essential that we all work well together. Some of the best partnerships are the informal ones, the ones that get formed out of a mutual desire to accomplish something, whether it is a marketing plan for the island, a need for infrastructure improvements or how to maintain our emergency response services,” says Cross.

Lt.-Gov. Arthur LeBlanc presented the award on Wednesday, Sept. 6, in a ceremony on the island, which sits on the outer edge of Mahone Bay. LeBlanc says he is pleased to present the community with such an important award.

“Vibrant and caring communities are an outstanding characteristic of Nova Scotia and it is this community spirit that makes this province one of the finest places to live in Canada,” says LeBlanc.

Residents of Big Tancook Island have come together through the years to maintain its one-room schoolhouse, continue and improve the ferry service to the island, encourage tourism, host local events and support emergency services. Many of the residents who live on the island and support the community can trace their heritage on Big Tancook back hundreds of years, and still pursue their livelihood through fishing and lobstering.

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Community Spirit Award for Big Tancook Island

Exciting News!
Big Tancook Island will be awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award on Sept 6 at 11:00 am at the Tancook Recreation Centre.

Below is the press release from the office of the Lt. Gov.

Community and Civic Spirit Recognized
Lieutenant Governor
August 18, 2017 10:53 AM

Two Nova Scotia communities have earned this year’s Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award for their exemplary civic and community spirit.

The award celebrates the power, strength and diversity of vibrant communities across the province. Up to four communities are honoured each year and are chosen by a selection committee based on community applications that best fit the award’s criteria.

In April Nova Scotians were asked to share stories of community engagement and extraordinary service. The two communities recognized this year are:

–Big Tancook Island, Lunenburg Co.
–West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co.

“The Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit award is one way that the Crown in Nova Scotia can recognize and thank those who go above and beyond to make their communities special places to live,” said Lt.-Gov. Arthur LeBlanc. “I greatly look forward to going to Big Tancook Island and West Pubnico in the near future to present the trophies.”

Hillary Dionne of the Big Tancook Island Community Association submitted an application in partnership with several other community organizations. They told stories of a small but resourceful island community that has great pride in its history and always works together.

“History and cultural heritage permeate life here on Big Tancook Island and the people who live here are enterprising and strong,” said Ms. Dionne. “We live in a unique place that often requires us to do things a bit differently. Our lifestyle inspires a creative approach to pretty much everything we do and together we are motivated, capable and always working toward the greater good of our community.”

Charlene LeBlanc nominated the small fishing village of West Pubnico with the help of various community groups and highlighted the community’s vibrant Acadian heritage, strong citizen involvement and flair for innovation.

“There is absolutely nothing the community of West Pubnico cannot accomplish,” said Ms. LeBlanc. “Everything we do, we do extremely well and it shows in the way we work, play and volunteer. The residents of West Pubnico are all responsible for creating this wonderful community we are proud to call home.”

Communities selected for the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award will be honoured at upcoming community celebrations. Lt.-Gov. LeBlanc will attend the festivities to present an original piece of NovaScotian Crystal etched with a representation of each community’s story.

For more information visit http://communityspiritaward.ca.


Media Contact: Craig Walkington
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Email: Craig.walkington@novascotia.ca