“Hooked on Tancook” A Revival of Rug Hooking

The official finale of our “Hooked on Tancook” project is an exhibition at the Tancook Rec Centre that opens on Tuesday.
We are so pleased with the revived interest in rug hooking, especially when Tancook has always been well known for this art form. We are grateful to the local rug hooking experts who gave generously of their time and shared their talents with the Tancook’s next generation of rug hookers.

Born of Necessity, Rug Hooking Is An Important Link To The Past, One That Tancook Island Is Trying To Revive


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This article appears in the January, 2018 issue of More of Our Canada – a magazine published by Reader’s Digest.

The reaction of several Tancook residents has been one of disappointment and even shock. While it is good to have our island recognized as “a balm for the soul” several statements in the article are far less flattering.

One mystery to solve…Who is Claire with 7 jobs?

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April 2018 – Follow-up

An Apology from the Editor of “More of Our Canada”

After reading an article about Tancook in the January 2018 issue of the magazine “More of Our Canada”, several island residents wrote to the Editor to set the record straight about misinformation in the article.

The following apology appeared in this month’s issue.