June School Days

As the school year winds to a close, we are enjoying the kind of activities one associates with the end of a school year. We spent the day today with the grade 5/6 class from Shatford Memorial Elementary in Hubbards.  Eight adult chaperones and 21 students slept in the school for two nights and ate their meals together in the Rec Centre. The students asked their teacher why they could not stay for a week!

This morning we had a wonderful presentation about lobstering from Katie and David Baker. This hands-on learning experience was a highlight of the day for all of us. After exploring Fossil Beach to collect sea glass and driftwood, the children all made sun-catchers as souvenirs of the visit. A visit to Wishing Stones Gallery ended a perfect day.


School Bird Watching Expedition

Having a resident bird watching expert – Hillary Dionne – on the island means that local children will grow up with a love and knowledge of birds that live on and/or visit Big Tancook Island.

A recent bird watching expedition:

Congratulations to William Westhaver!

Congratulations to William Westhaver!
At the regional Heritage Fair on Friday, May 4, 2018, William won the judges’ selection award. His prize – a $30 visa card He was also 1 of 4 selected to create a video about his project. William now has a chance to go to Ottawa in the fall!
Could that be sauerkraut William is holding?

Busy Week at Big Tancook Elementary

This week the children heard stories about youth doing amazing things to make a positive difference in the world. Our BTES students made their own Superhero Kids and came up with ways in which they would make the world a better place.

Math was made easier this week with help from neighbour, Ward Carson. It helps to have an accountant living next door to the school.

Isaac made us proud with his regional science fair project on wind vs solar energy.

The Great Egg Drop Challenge 2017

Whenever I visit, there seems to be something interesting going on in our school. This morning, I was fortunate to witness the Great Egg Drop Challenge. Ms. Baker challenged the students to protect an egg so that it would remain intact when  dropped from a ladder.  Working in teams, the children wrapped tape, paper, pillows and anything else they could think of to protect their eggs. As always, Ms. Baker used this fun activity to incorporate several academic skills.
Who says learning can’t be fun!  ~Hetty

The Great Egg Drop Challenge 2017…oh oh

We are proud of our students for yesterday’s island litter cleanup. Encouraging children to be environmentally conscientious is a valuable part of learning about our planet and the fact that we all have a responsibility to take care of it.

Annual School Raffle Fundraiser

Each year our school raises funds for extra-curricular activities and materials not funded by the school board. This year, the fundraising raffle draw will be held on December 21, the last day of school before the holidays.

Students will be selling tickets and you can also purchase tickets from Rosa or Ms. Baker. If you wish to sell tickets you can pick them up at the school.

We have some wonderful prizes  including 15 lbs of lobster, a spaghetti dinner for 4 including dessert and a bottle of wine, a hooked mat and a painted chair and hooked chair pad. If you would like to donate a prize, please drop it off at the school.

Talking Sticks

The children made personal Talking Sticks today by painting driftwood sticks and then decorating them with feathers and shells. Thanks to Josh for supplying us with feathers from his geese and chickens.

The Talking Stick – In many First Nations tribes, people used a “Talking Stick” to make sure that each person had a turn to share his or her ideas and opinions with the rest of the group. The person holding the stick has the right to speak. Everyone else is expected to listen with respect. When a person finished talking, he or she passes the stick to someone else.

Canada 150 Chair Visits Tancook School

Ms. Baker arranged to have the Canada 150 Chair  visit Tancook School this week. Here is some background information from the http://www.canada150chair.ca/  website. Stay tuned for the chair’s official Tancook photograph which will be added to the collection.

“Made by the hands of our ancestors this chair has supported Nova Scotians for 150 years and now it is time for this little chair to travel throughout the length and breadth of our beloved Province to take a front row seat in the places that we collectively cherish/chairish.
The Kings County Museum is asking local photographers to record the places that inspire them and include you in the picture because this chair is your chair, this chair is my chair, from 1867 until 2017 this chair represents both you and me.

A chair with history
This chair is believed to have been made by a local craftsman around the time of Confederation. In 2016 it was rescued from the spring clean-up in Gaspereau, Nova Scotia. Kings County Museum Volunteer Bill Naylor passed it along to craftsman Bill Zinck who restored it. With the approach of Canada 150 Celebrations in 2017 Kings County Museum Curator Bria Stokesbury asked local artist Victoria Marston to transform this little chair into a contemporary symbol to commemorate this historic year in the life of our country. Local photographers than began to create a visual celebration of the chair in locations of importance to them, and hopefully to all Nova Scotians. Those images are being uploaded to this website to be enjoyed by all.”

More information and photos: