A Visit to Tancook through the Eyes of 2-Year Old Melissa

Hi, everyone. My name is Melissa and I was 2 years old in March. This is my second September vacation at this house on  Tancook and I want to tell you about the wonderful time I had with my family. I took my Mommy, my Grandmother, my great Grandmother and my two great -great Aunties with me. We all loved it, but me most especially. I felt right at home in the house and it had everything in it that the old people needed to look after me.

I liked to run in the grass and go to the beach to collect treasures. It rained on Wednesday and my Nanny took me down the road and let me jump in all the mud puddles. It was awesome! One day we went to the ferry in the car that goes with the house to meet some cousins who were coming to visit. They liked the house so much they are going to bring their grandchildren down next summer! They had to go back on the 4:30 ferry because Auntie Di wouldn’t let then sleep in her big bed!

Auntie Sharon took me out to see the crane flies. I was not impressed with them but I went with her because I love it outdoors. I really liked the visit over to the beach by Hillary’s Wishing Stones Gallery and Museum. The water was warm on the sand flats and I could walk out really far in the water. – almost to Grassy.  I cried when they made me go home for supper. But I loved the BBQ hamburgers!

I enjoyed the relief ferry trips very much. I played on the bus and watched the waves. Imagine that! I rode on a bus on the water! Some of my cousins who live on Tancook helped to entertain me. The ferry crew were very nice and helped the old people carry on & off our stuff. I was sad to leave but they promised me they’d take me again next year. I can’t wait to go puddle jumping again! And I LOVE the ocean and throwing rocks in the water. The waves chased me! It was wonderful fun! I slept really well because I had lots of fresh air and exercise. Thank you for sharing this great place!

XOXO Melissa.
P.S. See you next year!

Request from Kelly Mosher Crooks

A request from Kelly Mosher Crooks:

Brent has been in contact with Heritage Memorials for the past 18 months or so. Elroy’s stone is in serious need of an adjustment and so is Russell and Violets. The company doesn’t want to travel to Tancook for an entire day for such a small job and have told Brent they are waiting to see if there is another placement/adjustment before they go down. If anyone has a loved one whose stone needs to be reset and the stone is by Heritage Memorial it is usually covered under warranty and will be done at no charge. If the stone is by another company, they will still do the reset, but there will be a charge (I don’t know what that charge would be). Just thought I would put this information out there in case there are others who may be interested. If we can get several “jobs” for them it is more likely that they will come down. Their toll free number is 1-800-565-5032.

Hunting the wild chanterelle

On a recent Sunday afternoon hike led by Bonny and Rosa we were excited to be introduced to the chanterelle mushroom, growing throughout the woods after a day of rain. Chanterelles are especially prized because they only grow in the wild – they cannot be domesticated.

“It is the Chanterelle mushroom which many of the world’s great chefs prize above all others.
Their fragrant aroma, fine flavor and pleasing texture make chanterelles one of the most versatile of all mushrooms and have earned them a well-deserved place in kitchens around the world.”

Source:  http://www.earthy.com/Fresh-US-Chanterelle-Mushrooms-from-Earthy-Delights.aspx

Honourary Tancooker Ceremony

One of the highlights of the weekly lunch provided to the Backroads hikers by the Tancook Rec Centre is  being sworn in as an Honourary Tancooker.

It’s not every day that one gets the opportunity to kiss a lobster and be banded.