Internet Update

Nova Scotia High Speed Internet was on the island last week to do some tests. They now have High Speed Internet on Little and Big Tancook Island. and would like to know how many people would be interested in their service. Please fill in the survey in the link below.

15 Mbps is $59.99 +HST / month (includes rental, no data usage cap, no contract) and one time installation cost between $100 – $150 depending on difficulty.

Follow the link below to sign up:…/tancook-island


Trident Marine Nova Scotia

Trident Marine Nova Scotia

What we do
Transportation services:

Harbour Tugboat
Marine Towing
Barge Services
propeller cleaning and repair;
underwater hull cleaning
Mooring Services
installation / removal / repair
Dredging and erosion control
Marine demolition
Commercial equipment transport
Heavy equipment shipping
drill / crane / truck
Sub-sea cable installs