Important Notice – Change to MFR Status

Notice to Residents:

Please be aware that EHS has moved all MFR agencies to Level 5 response model.

This means that we will only attend:
Motor Vehicle Collisions
Difficult extrication.

Despite making a case for our isolated location and circumstances, the decision by the Province stands.

BTIERA will not be attending any 911 medical call outs unless they fall into the above two categories.

If there is a 911 medical call out, Paramedics will attend from the mainland by either ferry or Lifeflight. BTIERA will provide transport locally for the paramedics.

Please if you have a medical emergency call 911, do not contact our MFR’s privately and put pressure on them to see you off the books. This could have serious consequences for BTIERA and the individual MFR.

Peter Stephens
MFR Coordinator.

BTIERA – a testament to community spirit

The recent CBC news story feature on  BTIERA was a good reminder to all of us that we are indebted to these community-minded volunteers for their unwavering commitment to the safety of island residents.

One way in which we can continue to express our appreciation for this invaluable organization is by participating in BTIERA fundraising events like Sunday’s Fall Dinner.

By all accounts the Fall Dinner was a resounding success.  From the ham and turkey carvers and the raffle tickets sellers to the community members who contributed a dish and the intrepid kitchen volunteers, the Fall Dinner raised approximately $2200.

With well over 100 people in attendance at the Fall Dinner, it is safe to say that the community spirit of Big Tancook Island is alive and well!

The raffle draw winners are:

Hooked mat – Rodney Cross, Chair – Al Barkhouse, Quilt – Diana Hutt, Knitted Shawl – Melba Graham, Red Hat – Laura Barkhouse, Green Hat – John Elliott, Scarf – Audrey Flanders, Spaghetti or Pizza dinner – Jimmie Levy, T-shirt – Susan Apostle, T-shirt – Ava Farrar

BTIERA Volunteers – Vital to our Community

I would just like to give a thanks to the Tancook Fire Department for providing the LZO (Landing Zone Officer) and crew assistance in setting up the landing field for the Lifeflight (Medical Helicopter).

They provide this service on a 24 hr.  basis at short notice. They are an integral part of the team that allows us to provide the best possible care to our community.

Peter Stephens
MFR Coordinator

Read about the

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Check Before You Burn

From March 15 – October 15, you must check daily to find out whether it is safe to have a fire. This website is updated every day at 2 pm. All domestic brush burning and campfires must adhere to daily Nova Scotia burning restrictions as indicated on the burnsafe website.

If the website indicates that it is safe to burn, the Fire Chief recommends that you make a call to BTIERA’s duty phone just to let them know your burn plans. This is especially true for residents who live in the interior or more remote parts of the island. The number is 902-277-1379.

If you see smoke and suspect that it is an uncontrolled fire call 911.

“Tancook 101- Everything you need to know about life on Big Tancook Island”

The “Tancook 101” booklet (link below)  was developed to provide island residents with important information about health service providers who will travel to Tancook when needed.

For newcomers and people interested in exploring Tancook as a place to live, this booklet includes other pertinent information.

We are grateful to the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors “Age-friendly Communities Grant” program for funding our “Big Tancook Island: Creating a Community of Care” project as submitted by the Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association (BTIERA).

Tancook 101 Booklet