Firehall Drawings by ABLE Engineering

The good news just keeps coming. Before long, BTIERA will have a newly constructed firehall in which to park its vehicles – especially the recently donated fire truck – a gift from Hebb’s Cross Fire Department.

You may be interested in seeing the engineering plans created and so generously donated by ABLE Engineering Services in Chester. A special hats off to ABLE’s owner and co-founder, Andre Veinotte.

Drawing - 211223-86 (Big Tancook Island Firehall)

A Most Generous Gift

A Most Generous Gift

We are profoundly grateful to the Hebb’s Cross Volunteer Fire Department
which has donated this 1200-gallon diesel tanker to BTIERA to strengthen our fire fighting equipment fleet. What a fine example of ‘paying it forward’ and how grateful our volunteer fire department is to receive it.

The truck was picked up this morning from Hebb’s Cross by four members of BTIERA’s board of directors: Dexter Rodenhiser, Fire Chief; Roy Thomas, Deputy Chief; Peter Stephens, Chair and Ward Carson, Treasurer. The truck will be transported from Chester to Big Tancook on the evening ferry, Sunday March 27th.

This is the official transfer of ownership from Don Llewellyn, Hebb’s Cross Fire Chief to Dexter Rodenhiser, Tancook Fire Chief.

Letter from Peter Stephens

This letter from Peter Stephens acknowledges the people who contributed to a successful Covid pop up testing clinic on Big Tancook Island on May 7, 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:

Hugh MacKay our MLA for assisting in making this happen.

Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, in particular Captain in Charge Jason Keddy, who facilitated and organized the ferry schedule and enabled the ferry to be used as the testing site for Little Tancook residents. As well as the crew for their patience and support.

Martin Hiltz, for helping to organize the Little Tancook end of things.

Angela Henhoeffer, our local REMO representative who did so much to organize the popup test site on both islands and was the coordinator with Public Health.

Dr John Ross from Public Health and his amazing team for coming out to do the tests, including going to people’s homes to perform test.

To amazing volunteers who gave up their day to organize the site, provide transportation and ensure things ran smoothly:

Ward Carson
Bonny Cross
Peggy Seward
Kat Swift, in particular whose meticulous record keeping and attention to detail helped speed up the testing process.

Food was provided by Ann Westhaver, Lesley Stephens and Pam Baker, who made the food for the test team and refused payment. Thank you!

Tancook Community Rec Center for providing their facilities.

To so many of you for showing up and taking the test. In closing remember that the current rules are still in place:

Washing hands
Social distancing and not socializing as per provincial guidelines, check for updates to keep current. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

On behalf of all BTIERA members.

Peter Stephens



Rapid Covid-19 Testing on Big Tancook

Attention ALL Tancook Islands residents: PLEASE get tested.
Got a test recently? COME. GET. TESTED. Whether you were tested on Monday, or two weeks ago, IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. A lot can change with a brief encounter, and it is ALWAYS good to know that you are doing all you can to keep yourself and your community safe.
Received the vaccine already? DOESN’T MATTER! You can still spread the virus to those around you. Come get tested!
From out of province? COME ON DOWN! You don’t need to be a NS resident to get tested. You don’t even need a health card!
Have a child? THEY CAN GET TESTED! There is a doctor coming who is AMAZING with children, and he is excited to talk to you and figure out the best test for your child.
Been told to isolate? WE CAN ACCOMMODATE THAT! Call the MFR phone (902-277-1710) tomorrow, and your number will be given to the Testing Team to GET. YOU. TESTED.
This is serious, islanders. Please, come get tested at the Rec Centre so you can be a confident contributor to the safety of our community. Remember to wear a mask.
Little Tancook Update: Any residents on Little Tancook who wish to be tested should be at the wharf at approximately 11:15, as testing will take place on the ferry at that time.

COVID Protocols

Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or feels they may have been exposed should contact 811 immediately an speak to a COVID nurse – they will have the most current exposure sites and most current information from Public Health.
Peter Stephens


The Province of Nova Scotia is now in Wildfire Season.  All residents are asked to check and to adhere to the burning restrictions.
Respectfully, Fire Chief Dexter Rodenhiser