Firehall Drawings by ABLE Engineering

The good news just keeps coming. Before long, BTIERA will have a newly constructed firehall in which to park its vehicles – especially the recently donated fire truck – a gift from Hebb’s Cross Fire Department.

You may be interested in seeing the engineering plans created and so generously donated by ABLE Engineering Services in Chester. A special hats off to ABLE’s owner and co-founder, Andre Veinotte.

Drawing - 211223-86 (Big Tancook Island Firehall)

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  1. Is there a plan of the new addition for fire department showing walls, roof, windows, entry doors. That could give the islanders an idea of what the firehall is going to look like. Please can we have a look. Thanks

    1. Hello Fran. Unfortunately the engineer’s drawings attached to this website post are the only drawings we have at the moment. We agree that an artist’s interpretation of the drawings would be a nice thing to have. If we are able to find someone to create these, we will certainly post them. Hetty

      1. Greetings: You do not know me – we have never met. But I own two
        pieces of cork (with rope) that were given to me twenty (or more years ago) by two wonderful ladies that lived in a long trailor, complete with black-painted floor. The corks have a little sign attached to one that says, From BigTancook Island, Nova Scotia.
        The corks were sent to me as a “goodbye” present, after leaving my time I spent in the dartmouth area. (was connected to the RCAF, and lived in the Dartmouth Apartments and also Shannon Park)
        My first goal is to track down a long piece of black driftwood that
        contained little hand-made brass nails. I bought this in Halifax.
        Secondly, it would be wonderful to re-connect with thee ladies that
        sent me the corks. Any help would be appreciated. My last name used to be: Nellis

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