A Most Generous Gift

A Most Generous Gift

We are profoundly grateful to the Hebb’s Cross Volunteer Fire Department https://www.facebook.com/hebbscrossfire/
which has donated this 1200-gallon diesel tanker to BTIERA to strengthen our fire fighting equipment fleet. What a fine example of ‘paying it forward’ and how grateful our volunteer fire department is to receive it.

The truck was picked up this morning from Hebb’s Cross by four members of BTIERA’s board of directors: Dexter Rodenhiser, Fire Chief; Roy Thomas, Deputy Chief; Peter Stephens, Chair and Ward Carson, Treasurer. The truck will be transported from Chester to Big Tancook on the evening ferry, Sunday March 27th.

This is the official transfer of ownership from Don Llewellyn, Hebb’s Cross Fire Chief to Dexter Rodenhiser, Tancook Fire Chief.

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