“Hooked on Tancook”

We are excited to announce a project entitled “Hooked on Tancook.” This project will bring together lifelong Tancookers with newly arrived residents to revitalize the art of rug hooking for which Tancook was once well known.

Throughout the remainder of the summer, we will meet at the Rec Centre on Tuesdays from 11:30 – 1:00. This will enable any interested Little Tancook residents to participate. Please join us and bring a project to work on.  If you don’t have an interest in rug hooking, please bring another project.

It is our hope that we can continue to meet throughout the year at a place and time to be determined.  

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  1. Hi Folks,
    What an absolutely wonderful idea! I sat and watched my grandmother, ‘Nanny Mason’ hook many of rugs when I would walk up the hill to her’s and Poppy’s ‘house on the hill’ – it was so exciting to see the rug telling a story as each day went by. She also hooked what we called ‘Suttle-mats’ back then, they were created using pieces of heavy fabric, approximately 1″ wide x 3″ long. I actually tried doing this with Nanny and our mom who also hooked Suttle-mats; I remember the feel of the rough burlap on the side of my hands. I actually have one or two of mom’s hooks.

    I have two “Suttle Mats” – (“Suttles” – a local word for scraps of fabric) in my living room, both designs were drawn by our dear dad, Gordon, and mom hooked them. One is a picture of the fishing vessel that dad had built, the SuperSea when he and my Uncle Roy sold their sword-fishing boat in 1970, the Gayle Yvonne, and he started seine fishing from the island with the trap fisher people. The other one is of the famous “Bluenose” in full sail. They obviously have been around for a while and both have gone through the washer many times over the years. I still love them; and they hold a special place in my heart. PinK, my cat, loves sleeping on the one of the “Bluenose” from time to time.

    Again, hoping to see many more wonderful photos of upcoming hooking days and all the ‘happy hookers!’

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