The Return of the Tancook Ghost

by Diane Crooks

Over the years we have experienced many unusual incidents in our Crooks homestead over in South East Cove on Tancook Island. We have never tried to explain these strange events but have merely shared with others what has occurred during our many enjoyable summer vacations there. It’s been 12 years since anyone slept in the old house but we do visit once year for a day to touch base with our Tancook roots. On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 15 of us dropped in, some of us choosing items to take away as reminders of the happy hours once spent in the old house. The old house is disintegrating around our ears and we are starting to remove things before the archeologists have a dig site. It’s what we were doing on Tuesday’s visit.

Diane and Kim experienced another strange incident in the little bedroom upstairs that we refer to as Aunt Sadie and Uncle Brown’s room. This room has been the scene of several of the weird occurrences, the first being a visit from a cat that brushed Earl’s arm in the middle of the night. This was only strange to us because we didn’t have a cat.

The incident on Tuesday was very similar to one that happened 40 years ago. At that time we had been in residence for 6 days. We were entertaining visitors in the kitchen when we all heard glass breaking. Everyone jumped at the noise and Diane, brave soul that she was, went upstairs to see if anything was amiss in Aunt Sadie’s room from which the noise had seemed to come.

At first glance, Diane saw nothing out of order in the room but this being her bedroom for this trip to Tancook, she wanted to make sure nothing was wrong before the witching hour of 12:00 A.M. So she sat on the bed to have a better view of the room’s contents and looked to see where the broken glass might be. It was then that Diane saw the problem.

The glass shade from the small oil lamp which rested on the wash bowl stand had fallen UP, a foot ABOVE and to the right of the lamp, and was wedged between the wall and the bar of the washstand – unbroken. Diane replaced the shade, went downstairs to report her rather strange and inexpiable find. In two seconds all the visitors disappeared as they hurried home where they thought they would be safe from the ghost. Deciding that the ghost was tired of having its home invaded and needed some peace and quiet, the Crooks packed their bags the next day and trotted back to Halifax on the last ferry.

So back we come to last Tuesday’s visit. Our mission was to choose items for the Mississauga Crooks to take back with them as it’s time to clear out the homestead before it implodes on itself. Carol, Rod, Michael and Diane were present at the time of the first lamp incident, as well as for this second round. Diane and Kim were in Aunt Sadie’s room examining the little lamp of the aforementioned incident. When Diane took the chimney off the lamp to show Kim exactly how the shade was positioned all those years ago, the shade literally flew out of Diane’s hand, hit the wall, bounced off a storage bin and crashed to the floor. As it was on its way, Diane said,”Well I guess it’s broken this time,” and she pictured in her mind sweeping up the glass. But – and I’m sure you already guessed – the lamp chimney was once again, unbroken.

The resident ghost seemed to be approving of the great adventure that awaited the lamp as it is destined to reside with Lyn and Glen in an expensive condo in Toronto with one of Mabel’s rocking chairs which found a home with Lyn years ago. If the “Tancook ghost of the lamp” travels along on the journey, Lyn and Glen should have some interesting experiences to share with the rest of us.

The end…….OR…… it?

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  1. Love to hear about the stories of the Island. A firm believer of the afterlife and friendly spirits. We lived with a friendly spirit for 13 years while living in Meaghers Grant, N.S. I really missed her presence when we moved.

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