Earth Day – two programs of interest

In honour of Earth Day we wish to pass along two programs shared with us by island residents.

Rising Sea Level Project
The first is a program aimed at educating coastal communities about sea-level rise. On this  interactive map, you can identify and share your observations and experiences with sea-level rise impacts in our area.   Interactive sea level rise map

The colour coded map markers allow you to indicate the type of  impact the rising sea level has. The categories are:
~ Inundation: A permanent submergence of the coast, which creates a new normal water level
~Coastal Erosion: The movement of sediment (e.g., gravel, sand, mud, etc.) away from the land or to another part of the coast
~Coastal Flooding and Storm Surge: Storm surge and flooding result in temporarily flooded homes and properties
~Salt Water Intrusion: Occurs when salt water seeps into fresh groundwater

Radon Testing

Another resident let us know about a radon detection program offered by the Nova Scotia Lung Association. This program includes a Department of Natural Resources map on which people can see the concentration of radon in their geographic area. To date, there is no data for Big Tancook Island. You can access the map here  This map loads slowly.

The Nova Scotia Lung Association offers radon testing kits for $40. You can order one online here:   radon detection kit

Or pick one up at 6331 Lady Hammond Road Suite#200, Halifax.

More information about radon here  here

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