Tancook map by A. F. Church

Between the years of 1865 – 1888, map maker Ambrose Finson Church produced 18 maps, one of each county in Nova Scotia.  Here is the map he made of Big Tancook Island. (Thanks to Lucy Neatby)





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  1. Very interesting map! There are four Mason homes at the bottom of the map but the initials are difficult to read. I’m wondering if this is a picture of an original map that somebody has and where it would be available to view.

    1. Hello Roger. This is one of the maps drawn by A. F. Church in the late 1800s. I believe that the maps are available through the Nova Scotia Archives.
      Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Map Collection: A.F. Church Maps

  2. Just wondering if the placement of the names mean that person owned that parcel of land. I think that the E Heisler is in fact Elisa Aaron Heisler according to the time frame and his age.

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