More Subsea Cable Information from NS Power

“The power outage to Big Tancook this week was due to a cable failure between Blandford and Little Tancook.  The failure was on the older of the two cables that run between Blandford and Little Tancook.  We did some switching and are feeding the Tancooks from the newest cable between Blandford and Little Tancook.  We have determined the place where the cable failed and we are currently putting together the plan to make the repair.  The location of the fault is about 600m from the Blandford shore so we require a barge and divers to assist in bringing the cable to the surface to install the splice.  If all goes according to plan, this will be completed by the third week in November.

We currently have two cables that leave Blandford and go to Little Tancook.  One of these cables was put in service in 2006 and the other in 1990.   We also have two cables the run between Little Tancook and Big Tancook.  One of these cables was replaced in 2007 and the second was put  in service in the 1970’s.  We have other islands that are fed through underwater cables that would not have any redundancy.  We have replaced a cable between the mainland and each island in the past 10 years to ensure that we have a reliable supply to the islands.  The cable that has failed is on our list to be reviewed for cable replacement.  This cable has failed 3 times in the past ten years and this would factor into the replacement timing.”

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