Update re NS Power Subsea Cable

Update re Subsea Power Cable

After last week’s power outage there was worry among island residents that we might be without power for an extended time during the winter months.  In response to an inquiry made to NS Power a few days ago, Tiffany Chase, the Senior Communication Advisor shared this helpful information:

“Power to both Big and Little Tancook islands is supplied through a combination of two subsea cables (a primary and a backup cable) and a network of overhead lines on the islands themselves. The challenge for outages that occur on the islands is that crews must patrol the overhead sections on the islands to ensure they can safely re-energize the lines once repairs are completed.

The outage earlier this week was approximately 14 hours in duration, primarily due to the time it took for crews to secure a boat and assess the power line status on Big Tancook before the service could safely be restored to all customers on both islands. The outage was caused due to a failure on the older of the two subsea cables; one cable was installed in the 1990’s and the other was installed a decade ago. The older cable will be repaired within the next few weeks, and it is on the list for future replacement.

The repair will be a splice. We will rent a barge, and trained personnel dive down and repair it underwater. If you picture a bunch of smaller wires (conductors) inside a thicker cable, in this case, one or more of those smaller wires is faulty and to repair it, we will cut out the faulty section and tie in a new piece to re-establish the connection.

In the meantime, Tancook customers can be assured that their power will continue to be delivered via the other cable, which is in good condition.”

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