School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting News – Oct. 11, 2017

Looking for Raffle Items 

In anticipation of this year’s Holiday Concert which traditionally has included a raffle with donated prizes,  we are looking for prize donations. It may not be common knowledge that schools are not given any funding for extra-curricular activities or materials. These funds must be raised by the community which is why so many schools ask students to sell chocolate bars or cookie dough.

One of Ms. Baker’s goals is to enrich the learning experience of her students with extra-curricular learning experiences. Donating to this annual fundraising event will help her achieve this goal.

Volunteer Your Talent

We know that there is a lot of talent in our community. Ms. Baker is making an appeal to community members to share a bit of their time and talent with her students. From cooking, drawing, singing, dancing, sewing, knitting or puppetry to lessons about local history or sauerkraut making, if you wish to spend some time sharing your interest or skill,  please let Ms. Baker know. 



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