Dedicated Volunteers

Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association (BTIERA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization started in 1998 on Tancook Island to provide emergency medical care and covered transportation, whether it is via the Tancook ferry or to the Lifeflight landing zone on the island.

BTIERA was started by Julia Stick when her mother, a new resident, needed to get off the island for emergency medical care and was transported to the ferry on the back of the local garbage truck. Feeling the need for a proper transporting vehicle, Julia spearheaded the group that would eventually acquire a decommissioned ambulance and train volunteers as medical first responders and others in First Aid.  When the province’s 911 service came into effect, BTIERA became part of the system, responding to calls coming from the island.

Backroads – “My highlight was a homemade lunch on Tancook Island.”

Every Thursday throughout the summer and early autumn, Backroads will be introducing a group of hikers (mainly from the USA) to Tancook with a guided hike through the woods and along the coast of our beautiful island.

Following the hike, these lucky travelers will enjoy a lobster lunch prepared by the hardworking women who so generously give their time and culinary talents to make this venture such a success.

After being wined and dined, the Backroads hikers participate in the Honourary Tancook ceremony where they make a pledge and seal it with lobster kiss.

“This trip was fabulous. Our guides Martin and Tal made the trip incredibly fun, as well as informative and packed with beautiful scenery that I will remember forever. My highlight was a homemade lunch on Tancook Island with fresh cooked lobster, homemade potato salads and PIE, mmmm homemade blueberry pie!”